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          日期:2018-06-16 10:05 


          SGR series ultrasonic cleaning system is designed by our company, combining with the advantages of foreign and domestic trades. The instrument is mainly used is single monocrystal silicon sheet, electric parts, lens, hardware and precision mechanical parts.
          1、 全不銹鋼結構,外型美觀大方,結構緊湊合理。
          2、 設置液位安全控制系統,確保設備正常工作。
          3、 設置過濾系統,保證溶液清潔度。
          4、 加熱及自動恒溫系統,恒溫范圍為20℃-90℃(可調)。
          5、 以水劑加熱適量清洗劑作為清洗溶液,成本低,工藝成熟。
          6、 獨特的鋸齒溢水口設計,保證有足夠水位,且不斷把浮在水面上的臟物溢出。

          The series cleaning system has the following characteristics;
          1 Full –stainless steel structure ,appearance is nice and its structure is compact and reasonable;
          2 Level safe conrol system ensures the instrument to opetate smoothly;
          3 Filter system ensure the solution clean;
          4 Heating and constant-temperature system. The thermostant range is 20℃-90℃(adjustable);
          5 The cost of cleaning liquid is low and the technique is advanced;
          6 Special saw-tooth overflowing lip ensures enough solution level and getsrid of dirt floating on the water surface.